GHOST  TOURS  AUTUMN SEASON 2016 - Reservation Only

Meeting Place: Le Chat Noir Restaurant Click to View Map (across the street from the restaurant) 

Schedule:  Halloween 2016 

Duration: 1 3/4 Hrs +

Public Tours: Make reservation online or call us at (210) 689-3063

Private Tours (20 or more people): Reservations Only

Haunted Trails of Castroville will take you on a journey where the past is frozen in time and space... where the past continues to live and walk around us...among us...between us. You will visit 10 of the most HAUNTED places in Castroville and learn about their history, whom or what haunts these buildings, and why ghosts prefer to stay and not leave. During your 1 3/4Hr tour, you will get to apply specialized equipment to locate environmental changes caused by the presence of ghosts, conduct EVP Sessions, photograph haunted buildings, and hear the voices of ghosts caught on audio. Although we cannot guarantee that you will encounter a ghost, the chances of doing so are much greater when visiting a HAUNTED place. You never know what will show up in your pictures or even better, who will stop by and say “HELLO.”

We Strongly Encourage Reservations BBluecemetery.jpg

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Tel: (210) 689-3063 (for private tours of 20 or more people)


Equipment Provided by Haunted Trails of Castroville. Use this equipment for free during your ghost tour.

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